What is Content?

Everyday, every person is consuming some sort of content. It can be from their phone, newspaper, television, radio, web, ads, etc. In order for something to be content, someone has to be consuming something. Most people do not realizing how much they consume in one day. There is so much media today that it has become a lifestyle.  It seems normal to be around so much content that we don’t even know what we are consuming half the time.


The consumer is the person whom gathers the message that has been sent out. As a consumer, my phone is where I get the most information. Every app, message, and picture I receive is content. My phone is used everyday, and everyday I view Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, WordPress, the web, and YouTube. Every piece of media I view is something I am consuming. I spend the most time on Twitter consuming my followers’ tweets. I can see what people are doing. By others posting statuses creates content. I spend hours throughout the day viewing each website. I can get lost in all the content that is presented to me.


As I am consuming, I am also contributing. If I like or comment on a post, I am putting in my feedback, and I am now creating content.  On Twitter, I can retweet someone else giving the opportunity for one of my followers to view that tweet. I may not have originally posted that status, but I am helping others view it by posting it on my account. This is how content can be spread. This just shows me how much content I am consuming and creating throughout the day.


Besides Twitter and Facebook, I am becoming a creator from blogging. Every time I post something new, I am creating messages for others. If I link something on a post, this gives opportunities for other viewers to open a new site. Now, not only am I creating my blog post but also someone else’s work. When I get a job, I will be creating even more content for that company. I may need to make videos or show them videos. Anything that is being viewed by others is content.


To enhance by personal brand from content, I could add videos I have made in class to promote myself. Adding pictures can help viewers get a better idea of who I am. I could create more blogs about certain subjects to get more viewers and more people to consume my ideas.


I am always cautious about what I am creating, because bad content can hurt your personal brand. Your personal band is very important. If someone is searching for you and sees your raunchy, rude, or disrespectful content, they may pick someone else for the job. Just like all the talks about “be careful what you put on the Internet because once it’s out there it can’t be taken down” goes into affect with what content you are putting in the world.



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